What good is a miniatures game without miniatures? Though you can use any appropriate fantasy or historical miniatures to represent your armies to play the Shattered Crown, we at Dead Earth Games are committed to producing a purpose made range of beautiful miniatures with which to fight your tabletop wars.

The Shattered Crown range will eventually consist of miniatures to represent all 5 of the great houses, but initially we have focused on creating miniatures to represent the two houses of the warring brothers Khra and Hellesburne.

Available now are these two great centre-piece models – a Hellesburne Fiarcesonne (warbear) and Princes Nave Khra, first of the Stagriders.








And coming in March (avaiable to pre-order right now in the Store page) we have our complete Units of warbears and stagriders.

Following those, we will be releasing in the second quarter of the year, our main infantry and the Khra hero, Azael.

l-r Hellesburne infantry with Crossbow, Spear and Sword, Khra Hero Azael

Azael, a former slave reborn in the glory of Khra!
Three ferocious Hellesburne warriors, armed with Spear, Sword and Crossbow.

Be sure to check back at our store page regularly for further updates.