Pirates of the Dread Sea is supported by a full range of miniatures from Dead Earth Games including pirates from a whole host of fantasy races including humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins, the undead and sea creatures like mermaids.

Our first Kickstarter campaign for Pirates of the Dread Sea was funded in September, and the figures from it are available to pre-order here now. All except Chef – who is a Kickstarter exclusive.

Alluring and deadly mermaids!
Chef was a Kickstarter exclusive and won’t be available to order – but may become available again when we return to Kickstarter to fund the next set of crews…
A dwarf pirate crew. In Pirates of the Dread Sea you will be able to make crews of the same race, or mixed. Your crew can truly be made unique to you to fit your play style with a large options of skills, abilities and upgrades in campaign play
Ships and boats can be used in Pirate of the Dread Sea, but are optional. As is, apparently, the need to row them, as opposed to enjoying a beer – even when the Captain’s pointing a gun at you!
An elven war buccaneer, mesmerised by the mermaids!
Small may she be, but fierce she is.