Information Acquisition Operatives

The State I.A.O.

“The State” considers itself, but is considered by few others, to rule the Dead Earth in the Formally-United Kingdom. Based in empty, echoey halls with shattered windows and vegetation breaking through the floor and walls in New Venice, London, the State “protects” and heavily taxes those who still live in the bombshell of the old capital city. Whatever else you can say about the State, it does control a great deal of the military grade weaponry in the country, and members flock to swell their ranks, hearing that loyal and established members are rewarded with accommodation in luxurious mansions decked out with museum pieces and unspeakable riches from before the war, with running water and electricity. And slaves.

The I.A.O, or Information Acquisition Operatives, are medium ranking State operatives who have proven of enough worth to be provided with weapons and uniforms. They are despatched to every corner of the F-UK to spread the word of The State and The State’s law, to bring towns, traders and enclaves under State control and to eradicate and kill Gang members, and more than anything else to spy on the other Gang’s and factions.