The Forest-kin

Not everyone across the Dead Earth necessarily felt that the Last War was such a bad thing, and some soon disappeared into the wilds, which were themselves beginning to reclaim and conquer the fallen cities of 20th century civilisation, to live in woods and marshlands.
Whilst few domestic animals survived without the care and attention of man, in the forests deer flourished once again, the wallabies in the South multiplied and spread, and packs of previously domesticated dogs reverted to wolf-like behaviour, and tiring of the scraps left by their former masters, moved into the country to hunt rabbit, squirrels and crow.
They weren’t alone. As the years passed those humans who turned their back on the technology and lifestyles they saw as the causes of the last war bred and spread, forming into Gangs and tribes, spreading through the F-UK’s now flourishing woodlands, living on wild animals.
Today the Forest-kin share little in common with the scavengers and townsfolk of the rest of the F-UK, living by their own traditions, wearing animal skins and war-paint, and relying as often on hand-hewn weaponry as the guns they occasionally trade with others for. Knowing little of the Last War they have no fear of the radiation which keeps the rest of the population fearing animal flesh, and even their language has evolved (some would argue devolved) to the point where it barely resembles English.
Savage to others, but with a strict code of honour and a quasi-religious respect for animals, particularly deer, the Forest-kin are lead by the Mothers of their best warriors, who are worshipped for bringing such near-deities to the Earth and raising them to defeat their enemies in the names of their animal Gods.
The Forest-kin believe that the animal Gods have spoken, and that all surviving remnants of technology are to be swept away (although many claim that shotguns are exempt, such is religious law).