The Engineers’ Guild Forward Expeditionary Squad

A little knowledge in the Dead Earth goes a long way. The Engineers specialise in maintaining, upgrading and adapting pre-war technology. Although on the whole the Engineers Guild prefer to keep themselves holed up in their workshops in towns and Cities, Barnabus leads the Engineers Forward Expeditionary Squad out into the countryside and Ghost towns, searching for scrap metal and electronic salvage to bring back to his Colleagues.
Engineers may add 2 to their score on any attempt to fix a jammed weapon (add 2 pts).

Barnabus – Leader

Born in the relative safety of a City, Barnabus was raised in the Engineer’s Guild but always had a desire to see more of the world outside and a perhaps dangerous desire for adventure. Surprising his parents and the other City elders, Barnabus proved a talented and tactical military thinker, and the City now rely upon him to return regularly with metal treasures.
Strategist, Shotgun w/laser sights, screwdriver (eq to knife)
Daisy – Assault
Daisy was a teenager when Barnabus first began making his name as an adventurer and scavenger. Hearing tales of his exciting deeds and loot securing escapades, Daisy set about finding a way to make her engineer’s education an asset to Barnabus’s FES, which she did by learning everything there is to know about explosives. Daisy is 100% loyal to Barnabus and the two have an almost psychic connection.
RPG, smoke grenade, flash bang grenade, wrench (eq to club)

Watt – Medic

Quick thinking and single minded, Watt is determined to complete his research into reversing the radioactive effects of the Last War on the various areas of the UK, and returning the country to a habitable environment. He attached himself to the FES in order to seek out and discover military technology and salvage. Like many medics and scientists, he is against violence in theory, but is a practical man, and thinks nothing of defending himself, balancing the life of an enemy against his own superior intellect and deducing that the human race will benefit more from his staying alive than anyone else.
Rifle, hammer (eq to club)

Tricky – Scout

Tricky didn’t take to engineering like his family and friends, and would rather be free-running, rock climbing, playing Lootball or otherwise involving himself in more physical activity. Unable to sit still, or stay quiet for more than a few seconds, Tricky is a ball of kinetic energy.
Loud, Shotgun, Baseball bat

Chinny – Sharpshooter

The unfortunately, but accurately, named Chinny has defended the gates and walls of Birmingham since before Daisy was born, and his eyes are yet to fail him. The City now secure, Chinny sets out with the FES to win honour in her name and, like Watt, dreams of returning the UK to civilisation with Birmingham the jewel in the crown and new capital.
Sniper rifle w/optical sights, wrench (eq to club)

Watt’s Airship “The Viking’s Crow”

Any member of the Engineer’s Guild F.E.S may travel in Watt’s experimental helium balloon. Designed as an exploratory aid, The VC can travel at height at a pace quicker than travelling by foot over ground but at a speed which allows the user to easily reconnoitre the surrounding area for valuable and rare loot – most often more helium to keep her up!
The Viking’s Crow carries only a single passenger but is equipped with the highest powered scope the Engineers have found, making its single mounted rifle deadly even from heights. Daisy also enjoys dropping grenades from the cockpit (an old motorcycle sidecar) when she (rarely) is allowed to pilot the craft.
The cockpit of the VC provide the pilot cover of 2.
The Viking’s Crow has a Speed of 16, a Toughness (should she be targeted rather than her pilot) of 13, and is equipped with a Sniper Rifle with Optical Sights. Grenades may be “dropped” from the VC, giving the Gang member a +3 to hit any target within a 3” radius and below the VC.
Due to the difficulty of controlling The Viking’s Crow, Movement costs 2 Actions.
Should The Viking’s Crow be targeted and damage is scored she crashes. Roll a scatter die for the direction she falls in and move her 1d6+4 in that direction. The pilot suffers a penalty to their Save Roll equal to that roll, whilst anybody in the path of the crashing airship must also take a Save roll and suffers the D6 rolled as negative modifier.