The Murder of Crows

The Murder are a mysterious Gang run by the permanently hooded and heavily scarred Raven. The Murder scour the Dead Earth, and whilst they, like others, find and trade loot, they never stay long in one place, always giving the impression that the loot they find and the people they kill are incidental to the search for something of greater significance. Whether this actually exists or not, and what it may be, is a matter frequently debated and open to speculation and those of superstitious tendencies. What is true is that the Murder only ever wear black, travel at night, and prefer rapiers to baseball bats.

Raven, Leader

No-one knows how old Raven is, but everyone and their mother seems to have heard of him, and seems to remember having heard of him for quite some time. Though some consider the other Crows as theatrical or melodramatic, few have much to say when it comes to Raven’s choices to cover himself in tattoos and scars, and wear only black. Raven’s deep piercing blue eyes are said to be hypnotic, and do indeed hint that some of the wilder rumours about his Gang might be true…something “other”…I dunno. At the end of the day he’s an old man with a gun and a bunch of starry eyed kids willing to kill for him.
Hand-Canon, Sword (rapier)

Wings, Scout

Lithe, sprightly and quick as a flash, Wings is the perfect build for a Scout, and excels at blending into the shadows in her dark clothes and cloak. Like the other Crows, little is known about Wings’ or her motivations. Clearly a lot younger than her mentor, this goes against reports that she has accompanied him for upwards of a decade. Her blue eyes – like Raven’s – have lead some to suggest they are related. Wings is silent and deadly.
Quiet, silenced Pistol, Sword (rapier)

Magpie, Scout

Magpie’s nickname either came from her fondness for loot or adeptness at locating it. Like Wings, Magpie is quick and nimble, but unlike her comrade, she prefers a more direct approach when it comes to combat. Despite their different appearances, Magpie’s hair is an unusual white compared to Wings’ ebony black, they are possibly sisters – Magpie sharing those uncommon and haunting blue eyes. Magpie is anything but silent, and enjoys taunting her victims cruelly and quipping as she fights.
Loud, Shotgun, Grenade, Sword (rapier)

Blackbird, Heavy

The enormous, hulking figure of Blackbird would be imposing enough even if it weren’t for his ability to single handedly operate a light machine gun.
Ruthless, single-minded and dedicated, Blackbird would do anything to protect Raven, and is nearly always found at his side, protecting his master…or possibly his father? Blue eyes once again hint at some relationship.
LMG, Sword (rapier)

Jackdaw, medic

His ancient eyes hidden behind dark spectacles, “Jack” is every bit as mysterious as his gang-mates. Mystical runes cover his cloak as if his ability to heal were somehow a gift from some god rather than the simple application of science. Jackdaw, unlike many in his profession, is as happy spilling blood as cauterising wounds, and likes to do so in as balletic and dramatic a fashion as possible.
Dual rapiers.