The Gangs

In Across the Dead Earth, each player builds a Gang of around 5-8 members. We plan on producing a whole range of characters to either use as they are or base your own characters on, with miniatures in 28mm white metal to represent them on the Dead Earth.

The two Gangs detailed in the beta rules, and who we’ll be having the miniatures made of first are detailed below. In the beta rules their Skill level, Speed, Toughness, Class, Abilities and weapons are also described. Here we talk we describe the characters themselves. As time goes on you’ll see paintings and sculpts of these over on the Art and Miniatures page. Click on the heading to see the full detail:

Adam’s Family is made up of friends and accomplices who have become the traveler’s family over the years. Adam’s primary motivation is that they are safe and well, and the Gang spend most of their time searching for valuable Loot, exploring, occasionally trading, and inevitably running into trouble.

The Red Claw, conversely, don’t so much run into trouble as invite it into their house and then insult it’s mother and spit in it’s face. Raucous, viscous, and dangerous, the Red Claw live as much for the fight as the reward.

Other gangs already described in varying levels of details and (subject to the Kickstarter funding level may be available at launch) are: