All miniatures for Across the Dead Earth are 28mm to the eye scale and manufactured from a high quality white metal alloy.

aysha and nisha painted models 1


Our most recent release is mercenary sisters Ayesha and Nisha, pictured above. This deadly pair work together to outsmart all enemies. As mercenaries, they can be added to any gang.


The Engineers’ Guild Forward Expeditionary Squad is the most recent full Gang available form Dead Earth Games. The miniatures were were also sculpted by Ian Mountain of Mountain Miniatures.


The Family


Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures sculpted our first three Gangs for the game. These have been reproduced to an exceptional standard in white metal by Griffin Moulds to create the models which are available to buy from the store now now.

First off, we have Adam and his Gang, the Family, pictured at the top of the page as painted by The Littleninjapainting, from l-r Adam, Reggie, Drexyl, Ezra and Skylar.

The State

Above is ruthless Captain Jester’s State Squad L-R Squint, Yoshi, Jester, SIWOC, Skelch


The Red Claw

The Red Claw Gang, L-R Pyro, Shrimp, Topper, Ronnie, Shay-Man, Fatboy



We’re sure you’ll agree, these are beautifully sculpted pieces that would grace any post-apocalyptic, modern war or sci-fi setting!

You can see a little of the thought process behind creating the miniatures in this video:

Model Design Video