Here’s a little video explaining some of the gameplay of Pirates of the Dread Sea



The Basics


Pirates of the Dread Sea is a fast paced, fun tabletop skirmish game for two or more players. In Pirates of the Dread Sea you create a crew of pirates from various fantasy races (or just use the pre-designed crews) such as Orcs, Dwarves, the Undead or Humans and fight for treasure and survival. Although PODS can be enjoyed as a single game, and can easily be taught to new players for an evenings entertainment, it can also support long campaigns, during which players can personalise and upgrade their crews.

Games of PODS are based on a Scenario. Scenario’s usually involve finding treasure, though sometimes they may involve capturing or rescuing hostages, or simply fighting. Each player controls a small Crew of miniatures (around half a dozen) and players take it in turns to act with one miniature at a time. During a miniatures “phase” they can perform two Actions (Captain’s can perform three) such as moving, shooting and fighting hand to hand.

In addition to a huge variety of weapons, skills and traits which can be applied to characters dependent on their race and experience, Event Cards add another level of tactics to the game. An Event Card can throw your opponent entirely off track, or boost your own forces, whether that be by ensuing the enemy miss a shot, or by boosting your crews morale y singing a shanty to them!

Pirates of the Dread Sea is a PIRATE war game, not just a war game with a pirate theme tacked on. Everything about the game has been designed to fit the setting, and create fun, narrative, exciting adventures on your tabletop.