Breaking News – Pirates of the Dread Sea is now available to pre-order now!


Pirates of the Dread Sea takes the successful and popular skirmish rules from post-apocalyptic Across the Dead Earth and converts and adapts them to an entirely new and different setting: Fantasy Pirates. The games rules are currently being finished and a beta version will be made available free to ALL members of the Facebook Beta Testers group, which you can join here . For more on the rules and their progress, click here. There will be released before April 2019. Dead Earth Games have already had the first miniatures for the game made, via a successful Kickstarter campaign and they are available to buy now here  

This first wave of miniatures features a complete dwarven pirate crew,as well as an orc, and elf and a pair of mermaids, who, in game will act as wandering monsters or NPC’s.

A second Kickstarter campaign is planned for the second quarter of 2019, which will aim to fund the printing of the rulebook and the manufacture of two new gangs –  a human crew and…something else!

The CAD sculpts of the human pirate crew, coming to Kickstarter first half of 2019.

After that, Dead Earth Games intend to release full crews for a number of fantasy races, such as Goblins, Elves, Orcs, Rat-men and Ogres, and a whole range of further wandering monster/NPC creatures.

In addition to models, Dead Earth Games will expand upon the world of the Dread Sea with campaign books, allowing players to play out exciting stories with their crews.