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The home of post-apocalyptic skirmish Across the Dead Earth and our forthcoming tactical fantasy game The Shattered Crown.

Across the Dead Earth

This fast and furious post-apocalyptic skirmish game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2014 and released in October that year. Through word of mouth alone it has continued to sell hundreds of copies since, all around the world. Since the original rulebook and 2 gangs of miniatures were released they have been joined by several more gangs of miniatures and several PDF supplements, including completely free supplementary material.  Click Here to find out more about AtDE and here to download the FREE PDF rules or buy the miniatures that we have created for the game

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The Shattered Crown is a highly tactical and strategic fantasy battle game. You can be a part in shaping the future of this game, which is in the beta test stage now. An update of the beta rules will be launched on this website shortly and we have quite a lot of miniatures already available for The Shattered Crown.Have a look at the world here and if you’d like to try it was some pretty awesome miniatures click here to have a look at those. Warbears and Stagriders you say? Absolutely!

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